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Future-Proof Building

We deliver on the future's demands

Our promise: guaranteed quality to give you peace of mind. Our focus is on quality and we strive constantly to improve our products. We deliver simple, precise designs that will meet or exceed the New Zealand Building Code, and can accommodate the demands of Future-Proof Building.

Robertson adheres to the principles of Future-Proof Building and all our products meet or exceed the New Zealand Building Code by delivering on the following design demands:

Resource Responsibility:

Our unique 'Click' cartridge is available on single lever mixers and inhibits excessive use of water.

Life Cycle Costing:

All Ideal Standard mixers feature a ceramic cartridge with a lifetime drip-free guarantee.

Health & Safety:

We offer products and techniques that improve water tightness in the shower and restrict water temperature for improved health and safety.

Space Management:

Our large range of basins and toilet suites are elegantly designed to save space.

Quality Assurance:

All our products feature significant guarantees, including 10 years on ceramic products and solid timber vanities.

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